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Brake System Repairs That Last

Rick’s 36 technicians are your local brake repair experts. It’s inevitable, your vehicle will eventually need brake service. The question is, will you notice when that time comes. Your vehicle’s manufacturer has placed some clues within your braking system that should alert you to any brake repair needs. The first alert that you will need to replace your brake pads is a high-pitched squeal that you’ll hear whenever you apply your brakes. Once the brake pads have worn down too low, this unmistakable sound will be heard every time you slow down. However, if you have your radio up loud enough, you may not be aware of the squeal. Everyone else around you will be though. You might even continue driving for many miles without recognizing the warning signs. If you end up driving too long, you run the risk of doing expensive damages to your braking system. Your vehicle’s brake rotors, calipers, pistons, drums, and more could be affected by delaying braking repairs.

Guaranteed Brake Repairs–3 Years / 36,000 Miles Warranty

Brake repairs from Rick’s 36 can enhance your vehicle’s performance on many levels. Your brake repair needs may also be felt in other areas of your driving. Faulty brakes can be felt in your steering wheel, with a shake or a shudder as you apply them. If you notice this, then it is definitely time to bring your vehicle to Rick’s 36 Automotive Services in Stillwater. We’ll restore your braking system to it’s original condition with smooth stops, starts, and slowing down. You may also notice a vibration in the brake pedal when you slow down. This is another obvious sign of your need for brake repairs. Bring your vehicle to the experts for guaranteed brake repair service. We offer an industry-leading 3 Year / 36,000 Miles Warranty on all parts and labor.

Schedule Your Brake Repairs Today!

Our team of brake repair experts are waiting for your call! As soon as we can schedule a time that suit you, we can prepare for your car’s arrival, and get started on your brake repairs. We’ll have you back on the road in no time. For your convenience you can also use our online scheduling system. Or next time you’re out, just stop on by! We’ll be here, ready to serve you and your vehicle.