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If you ask your average VW owner why he chose to buy one, the most likely answer you’ll get will involve some mix of safety, reliability, and economy. Most Volkswagen models are characterized as solid-performing, long-wearing choices with enough performance features to make driving a pleasure. The auto maker consistently gets high marks in comparative automobile reviews. The well-known dependability of the VW ensures you’ll get every penny’s worth out of your car. When you only let the VW repair and maintenance experts touch your vehicle, you protect the integrity of your engine. The experts at Rick’s 36 know your VW, and we know how to keep you riding safely for a long time. Our maintenance schedules are designed to prevent costly repair needs. Since we have extensive experience with VW service, we can maximize every service appointment by recognizing potential problems. We’d much rather prevent repairs than perform repair, although we do both very well.

VW Repairs & Maintenance That Work

When you’ve found a car that is both efficient and enduring, the natural tendency is to make sure that it continues to run well for a long time to come. When you’ve made that kind of commitment to your car, even small repairs are something you’ll want to handle reasonably quickly. Keeping your VW in good condition is the key to its longevity. It’s also far less expensive to have small repairs taken care of in a timely manner. All of our VW repairs and maintenance are done with an eye on the future of your vehicle. We ensure the quality of your daily commute, but we also extend the road-life of your vehicle’s engine. This only happens when drivers treat their Volkswagen with the specialized attention it needs, which means letting our team provide all of your VW’s necessary services.

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Whether your Volkswagen repairs are small or large, Rick’s 36 at Stillwater can do the job. The facility’s ASE-certified mechanics perform repairs with expert skill-level and trustworthiness. We only use quality, VW-approved parts and materials for your VW repairs. Give us a call today, or use our convenient online scheduling system to make an appointment! Our team is ready and waiting to serve you and your VW!