Nissan Repair in Stillwater, MN

Saving You Time & Money–Rick’s 36 Automotive

Your next Nissan repair job needs to be done correctly the first time you take it in. Inexperienced repair shops will use figure out your Nissan repairs as they go along. They don’t have the same experience and familiarity with Nissan that we have. We could probably diagnose your vehicle over the phone, but that wouldn’t be wise. Our team of experts knows your Nissan inside and out, and once you bring yours into our service bay, it’s like bringing it home. The level of experience that we have here at Rick’s 36 allows us to fix every Nissan repair issue that you can think of. We’re the go to choice for people in Stillwater, MN when they need Nissan repairs. We’ve been trusted to do this for many years now and we can be trusted to do this for many more.

Our technicians at Rick’s 36 have been doing Nissan repair work since the day we first opened our doors. Look around the city streets of Stillwater and you’ll see that Nissans are very popular cars here! The next time you’re out driving and you see all of those Altimas, Pathfinders, Titans, Sentras and Armadas, think about how most of them have seen their way into our shop for repair work and routine maintenance. Your Nissan’s quality service is our specialty, and we welcome any model. We’ve seen and serviced them all, send them back to their owners in much better condition.

Better Quality OEM Parts

With all of the Nissan repair work we do we are sure to have a good stock of parts on hand. No one wants to wait a few days while ordered parts are sent in, you want your car fixed and to have it back now, not later! We do what we can with our space to have the best parts for your Nissan on hand so we can get your car back to you quicker than those with a low inventory. Our business at Rick’s 36 is getting your Nissan repair job done quickly, and let us tell you this – business is good! Come by our shop today in Stillwater with your Nissan repair job!