BMW Repair in Stillwater, MN

All Repairs For Your Ultimate Driving Machine–Rick’s 36 Automotive

The BMW is a special vehicle that requires specialized care and attention. Your BMW is known as the Ultimate Driving Machine for a good reason. Untrained technicians, or those without certification, should never attempt your BMW repair. It takes trained eyes and hands to recognize your unique service needs. At Rick’s 36 in Stillwater, our ASE Certified mechanics are more than familiar with any BMW repairs. We have years of experience and training that make your BMW one of our specialties. We have the necessary training and skills to perform all of your BMW repairs, and we want to welcome you and your BMW to the home of expert BMW repairs.

Maintenance & Repairs You Can Trust

Oil leaks, clunking engine noises, and coolant leaks are just a few of the problems commonly reported for BMWs. These warning signs are clear indications of a need for a quality BMW specialist. Our technicians know how to perform the BMW repairs and services that will keep your vehicle running stronger. If your BMW’s check engine light comes on, it may already be too late for simple repairs. Regular service checks and routine maintenance reduce the problems that arise in your vehicle. Let the experts of Stillwater take care of your beautiful BMW.

Best Alternative to the Dealership

Running a diagnostic check on your vehicle can provide you a lot of information about problems that exist. You need to be able to interpret those diagnostics result accurately in order to perform the right repairs. Misdiagnosis is the leading problem when it comes to BMW repair. Many people can read codes, but it takes a truly knowledgeable, trained professional to catch the small discrepancies that are the difference between purchasing a catalytic converter and replacing an oxygen sensor.

Parts and labor are always going to cost money, but expert diagnosis will save you money and time in the end. Who can really afford to waste either of those? So, when you are in need of BMW repair or a routine service check, come see us at Rick’s 36 in Stillwater. We give your vehicle the attention and care it deserves.